Thursday, May 6, 2021

Samsung Galaxy M31 Review in 2021

Samsung Galaxy M31-64MP Quad Camera

Samsung Galaxy M31, known as Mega Monster is one of the best smartphones currently available in the market.

The NOTE series and S series of Samsung has an outstanding review for the quality they have given in the set, but running down the line, their M series is making popularity among the similar ranges smartphones like OnePlus and Xiaomi. 

They've included a great variety of specifications in this package of Galaxy M31 while keeping it moderately priced.

Depending on where you buy it, the price will range from $264 to $289.

You can buy it from Amazon, eBay, or Ali express, or maybe from your local retailer.

For this price range, the Galaxy M31 is a pretty good deal as for the detailed discussion the review about main properties is further below.


One of the most considered things while buying a smartphone is its body. About Galaxy M31 the body is made in a quite sleek manner. A slippery effect will be felt on touching the back so for people like me who are not great at handling phones properly and doesn’t go on without dropping it once a week, it’s better to use a grip full cover.

Galaxy M31 dimension is 15.9 x 0.9 x 7.5 cm; 191 Grams which feels a little heavy, but I don’t think is something that needs to be in consideration. Ocean blue, iceberg blue, and space black are the three colors available, giving the framework a solid hue.

When the phone is turned over, a fingerprint sensor is visible on the back, along with a camera section with four rear cameras, and the phone's overall shape is defined as Infinity U.


The main efforts in the manufacture of Galaxy M31 can be seen by their screen, battery life, and camera that we will discuss later.

For the display, Galaxy M31 has been made with 6.4 inches (16.21 centimeters) screen which is believed to be the best screen display for the phone in this price range. The screen is made using an AMOLED panel with FHD+ Resolution (2340 x 1080). The 16 M color support within this phone is worthy in sense of color support. the camera notch cutting the whole screen while watching a video is the only thing that bothers me about the screen view, but for me, it's a minor annoyance.


To dive into the details of the camera first get to know how many cameras are supplied with the Galaxy M31 model, it’s quad-camera setup involves: 

64MP (F1.8) Main Camera 

8MP (F2.2) Ultra-Wide Camera 

5MP (F2.2) Depth Camera 

5MP (F2.4) Macro Camera 

 32MP (F2.0) front-facing Camera

For me, macro cameras are often a nice thing to use when photographing a leaf up close and showing much of the leaf's margin, but some people might be bothered by the left-out focus of the other bits.  Keeping this fact in mind let me tell you some good news, as far the concern of the main camera (64MP) you would be delighted to use it as the picture quality really seems to be natural without that dramatic saturation.

Also, for the video, this camera is compatible with the 4k mode however the stabilization is compromised therefore I would suggest it better to use it with a gimbal 

Discussing some of the cons of the camera of Galaxy M31. when it comes to zoom in, things start to get eggy here. While doing so, the focus of the great details lacks behind and this might not work every time so it’s a 3-1 score here.

PERFORMACE- Exynos 9611 Octa core

The Exynos 9611 Octa core of Galaxy M31 is pretty good but you should not expect flawless processing. The fingerprint recognition ability and the opening of apps are pretty great. However, the surprising thing with the Galaxy M31 set is its ability to play games online like call of duty and PUBG. hence for the performance, I'd give it an 8/10 because respondents have reported issues with incompatibility with wearable devices, such as smartwatches and wireless headphones. These devices' lag has put it one step behind the Pixel 3a XL in terms of performance.


As I told you earlier, Samsung has put an enormous effort into building this phone in sense of battery life, performance, and camera. The statement here is proven right with the presence of this 6000 mAH battery which has seriously left me unquestionable. 

As a social butterfly, I spend the majority of my time on my laptop, iPad, or phone. The Galaxy M31's most noteworthy feature, though, is its amazing battery life. Since my previous phone seemed to have no battery, I had to rely on my laptop for much of my work, such as zoom lessons, google sheets, Netflix, Instagram, and so on and I had to use it hold while going out, but Galaxy M31 has impressed me so much with this battery life that now most of my work is done on the phone and laptop now come to my 2 option. So, they have made this battery which can optimally work till the end of day 2 easily. 

The only thing I ignored is its 15W fast charging which I believe is not fast at all. The reason is that it charges the phone by 2 hours and if you are in a hurry then it doesn’t have a good room for you but if you are the type of person who charges their phone at night while sleeping, then pal this phone is made for you.


So, if I give you my honest opinion, I will say it's a yes. Considering the space of Galaxy M31, which includes 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, I believe this is a fantastic bargain. Furthermore, it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, so anything that goes wrong can be conveniently claimed. Furthermore, the dual-sim slot and expandable memory make it a decent smartphone with all the required features at an incredibly low cost.

Buy it online for Rs.13999 only