Wednesday, February 10, 2021

8 Best Face Mask for Covid Protection

COVID-19, a deadly virus that has caused the biggest pandemic and disturbed the whole world is still at its peak. Being the deadliest virus, it has infected millions of people and now increasing its family. The new strain of this virus named COVID-20 is causing extremely harmful effects and even after-effects including momentarily blindness and even memory loss.

As this virus is getting more and more powerful, we need to save ourselves and others with some defensive products. For these reasons WHO and some well-known medical and health organizations have announced some safety measures that can protect you from the virus and basically mask is one of the necessities these days.

I have listed some of the masks you may wear for your convenience and assists in protecting against the SARS-COV-2 virus. Let's get to these types of masks without further ado.


CoProtex Self-Sterilising Cotton Mask

CoProtex Self-sterilising Cotton Mask

We have already heard that mask can be dangerous if worn for a long time but if the mask is breathable then surely, it’s not a problem. CoProtex mask is made up of 5 layers and sterilized itself so it acts as a disinfectant. The copper oxide within the fusion of the layers provides protection to the skin as well while protecting you against microbes and viruses. The coolest feature of the CoProtex mask is that it has adjustable straps that can easily be adjusted around your face. Also, it’s reusable and can be washed up to 50 times in case if it’s needed.


TrendzOn K-N95 Masks With Respirator Reusable

Ever since the COVID virus invaded our world K-95 masks have been the most popular and known masks’ type among us. The TrendzOn K-N95 mask contains an efficient filter that allows the air influx and also filters any foreign invasion of the virus, bacteria, or microorganism. The durability of the TrendzOn K-N95 mask is comparatively higher and consists of elastic ear rope for the proper adjustment of the rope around the ear. The TrendzOn K-N95 mask is made of a material that is non-woven and melt-blown, making it lightweight and super easy to use.


Zpack Protector mask

World health organization’s state that it is strongly advisable to use disposable masks. The ZPACK protector 3 plies disposable mask is something you would not deny buying for your family. It’s a surgical mask with 3 layers, the 2 layers are made with spun bond and 1 layer of SSMSS melt-blown polymer which stops microbes from entering or exiting the mask. For comfortable and snug fit, the ZPACK protector 3 plies disposable mask has ultrasonic welded latex-free stretchable ear loops and adjustable nose wire for the proper stability of the mask on the nose.

Kenneth Cole Black mask

Kenneth Cole Black 100% Cotton Anti Pollution

Since the pandemic is going on and there is nobody who knows when and how it will stop, we need to defend ourselves and other people as well. The best way is to keep ourselves in proper protection from this deadly microorganism is to wear a proper and good mask. Kenneth Cole Black mask is one of that masks which not only provides protection but also it has a presentable appearance. Kenneth Cole Black mask is a 6 layers mask which have antibacterial and anti-dust properties while providing the proper breathability. With its comfortable fabric and flexible nose clip, the Kenneth Cole Black mask is good for the whole day use.

Bon Organik Avengers Masks

Bon Organik Mighty Avengers masks.PNG

The Bon Organik masks are the printed cotton mask that looks pretty good over children. It’s available in different and unique prints of the kid’s favorite animated characters including, avengers, frozen and spiderman, etc. The Bon Organik Masks’ is 2 ply masks that are perfect for kids age 4 to 8 years. Made with 100% cotton and 100% polyester back, the Bon Organik Masks’ is easy to be worn without providing disconformable to the kids. The Bon Organik Masks’ are unisex so both the girls and boys can wear them.

Bon Organik Disney Princess Masks for Kids

Bon Organik Disney Princess mask

When I was a kid, I used to admire barbie and Disney princess so much that I wanted all of my things to be printed with their pictures. Bon Organik brings and satisfies your children’s love with these printed Bon Organik Disney Princess masks’. This mask is made of 2 ply providing complete protection against the COVID virus and acts as an antibacterial. The Bon Organik Disney Princess masks also provides safety to your kids from the dust and pollens and also allows your children to enjoy and vibe with their favorite cartoon characters.

F Gear Luxury F95 Mask

F Gear Luxur F95 Mask

As the fashion industry of clothing, shoes, and other accessories growing, the F Gear has launched its F Gear Luxury F95 Mask that looks super trendy and exciting when worn. The art leather on the surface of the mask makes it cool and also provides a complete safeguard against the microbes and pollution and dust particles present in the air. The F Gear Luxury F95 Mask is unisex that means both men and women can wear it. The good thing about this mask is that it is available in all different sizes so you can try it as per your fit.

3M Unisex N95 Medical Mask

3M Unisex Adult's N95 Medical Mask

It is the most efficient mask on the whole list. The N95 Medical Mask has the highest ability of protection against the microorganism like COVID virus. With the high recommendation of WHO to use N95 Medical Mask, it’s very important that you also maintain the appropriate distance when traveling or within crowded places. It is you and me who can help and maintain the distance and protect the world from the pandemic and break the backbone of this virus by defeating it with our high efficiency/ 

The mask is worn on the face that keeps you from releasing the contaminated droplets in the air and also protects you from others if someone is infected by the virus in case. Upon recommendations from WHO, non-surgical fabric masks are good for general use but if you are in direct coordination with the infected people then it’s important that you wear a surgical mask and proper safety costume.