Wednesday, November 25, 2020

10 must-have Covid Essentials to Survive this Pandemic

 This Covid-19 pandemic has shaken all of us. And in this crisis situation we are listing the 10 must-have COVID essentials to survive this 2020 pandemic :

Portable Mini Sanitizer Spray Machine for Mobiles


Sanitizing during this pandemic has been a part of our lives. Eyetech has launched this mini sanitizer spray machine, simple to use and hold, from sanitizing our hands to sanitizing our everyday use stuff and places where we go. This mini sanitizer spray machine is highly persuasive to use just fill the tank with alcoholic-based sanitizer and tighten and shut the tank that you are prepared to take anywhere and have the capacity to collect 30 ml of sanitizer. The eye tech mini sanitizer spray machine comes with a USB cable; therefore, it would be much smarter to use this fully charged. It comes with proper instructions and the power button to start its working.


Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Everycom has introduced a very basic and critical device called IR37 thermometer to check the temperature of individuals, objects, milk and room without coming in contact. This non-contact IR37 thermometer produces precise and accurate reading within 0.5 sec made with a sensor control device and is highly beneficial for this pandemic to be used. The back-LCD monitor of this IR37 non-contact thermometer shows three colors under 3 different situations. The color green signifies natural temperature, the color orange indicates abnormal temperature, and the color red indicates an increased fever. The IR37 non-contact thermometer is interconvertible between Celsius and Fahrenheit and is designed to monitor temperature variations for people of all ages.


Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Blood Oxygen monitor

This DR. VAKU lightweight fingertip pulse oximeter is simple to use and hold. Fingertip pulse oximeter is basically designed to track SPO2 (blood oxygen concentration of arterial hemoglobin levels) heart rhythm. On its large digital LED panel, the fingertip pulse oximeter offers precise results that are easy to read, displaying both rates and battery percentage. In assessing any abnormality of heart rate, this fingertip pulse oximeter is very essential and helpful and can quickly track anyone finger regardless of gender and age but recommended for age above 4 years. 

This fingertip pulse oximeter is incredibly simple to work and uses 2 AAA battery cells that give you a reliable result after installation within 10 seconds.


Anti Pollution 3 Layer Reusable Face Mask

In addition to the knit fabrics specifically designed for absorption, the Ocean race face mask is made of 3 ply-reusable cotton face masks. These face masks of the ocean race are prepared in a way to discourage the overt entrance into the mouth of pollutants, germs, smoke, and infecting agents. The ocean race face mask is a collection of 6 masks in various and exclusive blue, wine, navy, grey, indigo blue, and black colors that are essential these days. The objects that act as precautionary measures during this pandemic are safer for prevention than cure, so these masks are the objects. The ocean race face mask is extremely proper and carefully built to comfortably match any person's mouth size and serves as a protective shield.


Khadi Essentials Pure&Safe Instant Hand Sanitizer

This Khadi essential’s spray sanitizer kit is made of fully organic herbal content and consists of two 550ml spray bottles used for sanitizing hands. Neem, which has antifungal and antibacterial properties, tulsi, which is a good absorber of excess oil, and aloe vera that gives a relaxing and moisturized effect, are the ingredients in the essential’s spray sanitizer. With the addition to this sanitizer of 70% ethyl alcohol. The sanitizer spray of the essential’s does not produce on the hands any pain or burning feeling. It helps kill 99.99 percent of germs and when you go to college, school, offices, banks, gym, or even washrooms, it is extremely helpful. After sanitizing, the essential’s sanitizer spray does not require drying and can be used indoor as well as outdoor.


Handheld tool for Contactless and safe access to Elevators

As we know, this on-going pandemic situation has given us enough problems, so Handkey has designed a marvelous and awesome gadget to shield you from this COVID-19. The Handkey handheld tool, which is a key to defending yourself by not getting into contact with doorknob surfaces, ATM terminals, elevators, and screens, etc. With an impressive property that it functions as a non-microbial, brass has pure and outstanding elemental properties. The Handkey handheld brass clamp that touches the surfaces and not you will be the source.  The Handkey handheld has a rotating scale that is pulled up when it is time for use and slides back to close the clamp. Handkey handheld is a premium item at an affordable price made from high-quality ABS plastic.


Reusable Flexible Face Shield Combo Pack

To protect the skin from any oil, contaminants, particles, salivary droplets, or any infectious fluid, the ikraft face shield is used. This ikraft face shield is made of recyclable PET material of the highest quality, which is unbreakable and incredibly light in weight. Your whole face remains covered starting from the brows to the chain with the use of an ikraft shied mask. It is ideally built for clinical and private use and is best found in hospitals, malls, and busy areas. The COVID-19 pandemic is now at its maximum and we need to cover ourselves so that you can step out safely and stress-free with the ikraft face mask. Since it is low in weight and comes with 3 headbands, it is very convenient to use the 9 Protective detachable flexible films again and again.


Covid Kawach Combo Pack

A total safety kit to tackle this pandemic. The combination pack of COVID kawach pack consists of all the necessities for defending against the lethal infectious virus SARS-COV-2. 

The COVID kawach combo pact consists of 6 face masks with anti-microbial, anti-viral properties composed of 100 percent military print cotton and can be reused and washable. 3 gel-based sanitizers of 60 ml pocket-sized with 70 percent ethanol, neem, and aloe vera extracts are also part of this protective COVID kawach pack. It is a full kit for your families that can be made available to family members and friends as a present. There are no allergic reactions or irritations in the hand sanitizer and the mask is very secure and airy.


Personal Protection Travel Kit Combo

Although the COVID-19 virus is still contagious and can infect all of us, we need to take great care of ourselves, our families, and our friends. Protection requires a complete collection of vital COVID components. The Strictly electric Personal protection kit is the best kit to protect you from viruses and bacteria and protect you from them. The kit contains 1 face mask, 1 hand sanitizer of 25 ml top standard, 1 face protector, 1 glove free of nitrile powder, and 1 surface liquid that you can use before getting in touch with them to disinfect the surfaces. It is best to take the strictly electric personal protection kit during travel and outside since it has all the practical and necessary stuff you will need during this pandemic when going out.


Trycone Immunity Booster – Natural Vitamin C 1000 mg with Zinc 12 mg

To combat some form of bacterial or viral invasion, our immune system needs to be robust enough, but this would require extremely enhanced immunity. In addition to zinc, the Trycone immunity booster includes effervescent vitamin C tablets that serve as a complete and effective booster for your immunity. When combined with vitamin C, zinc gives extraordinary protection properties and gives your skin free of various pathological conditions. The Trycone immunity booster comes in orange flavor so that you can really enjoy it and it is made up of 100% sugar-free, organic and free of chemical coloring that helps strengthen your immune mechanism and allows you healthy enough to quickly fight bacteria and viruses.

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