Thursday, November 26, 2020

10 Best Birthday Gifts for Girls under Rs.1000

Are you stuck in selecting a gift for a young Girl for her birthday? We are here to help you. Check out the below 10 best gift ideas for a girl to gift on her birthday. 


Barbie Kids Play Tent House

Barbie has been producing outstanding, exclusive, and thrilling items for girls since 1959. 

Barbie came this time with an impressive playtime house called Barbie tent.

A house that shows photos of various barbies, making it a stunning and appealing look.

This Barbie tent house has a cozy space for kids and has the potential to comfortably fit about 2 to 4 kids in the tent, making it easy to assemble with instructions. 

Barbie tent house is incredibly low in weight and can be held both inside and outside, so it's worth the money The Barbie tent house consists of a door with curtains and a length of 41 inches for a better and more natural look.


Kitchen play set for girls

For little baby girls, numerous kitchen gadgets and a creatively crafted kitchen cooking playset are prepared. The kitchen cooking play set is made of high quality and sturdy material and lovely animated stickers stuck on the equipment of the sets with beautiful colors and careful edges to prevent any sharp corners. The kitchen cooking play set comprises a grill, pans, cups, plates, and other utensils for cookware. An outstanding play toy that will not only give the children fantastic playtime, but parents may also use this package to recognize their girls' interest in cooking. In addition, the baby girls would certainly be delighted with this collection as their gift. It can also use children's time productively and will also show them how to cook, clean, and serve.


Naughty Ninos Cotton Dress

Frocks, particularly for kids, are always an awesome and fun outfit and look so sweet and pretty when worn by a baby girl. This perfect navy outfit for girls made from 100% cotton is made by naughty Ninos. This COTTON TRIMMED OUTFIT BY NAUGHT NINOS on baby girls is very comfortable and easy to wear and looks very classy. With its simple machine wash, the high quality of this material is confirmed. Not only are cotton trimmed outfits offered in navy color, but they are also available in black-gold and white. It also has a super cute and attractive buckle belt that looks amazing


beauty makeup set

A wonderful package that you can give to a baby girl as a surprise gift is the Vikas beauty makeup pretend set. This package consists of a plastic mirror, diamond bracelets, rings, lip gloss, jewelry, lipstick, hair combs, and nail polishes that are not actual and just pretend able so that your little girls can learn how to dress up and slay while playing. All the products made of high quality and strong ABS plastic that is non-toxic and completely safe for you girls are stored in the Vikas beauty makeup pretend set. This Vikas beauty makeup pretend set will allow you children with extended creativity and wonderful play time, more preferable to girls over 3 years of age.


Barbie playset with hair accessories

The Barbie doll and hairstyle play set consist of adorable fun little hair accessories such as a hairdryer, a brush, two purple and pink extensions and a pair of purple and pink hair clips and a doll holding a mirror in hand, and  2 headbands, this awesome Barbie doll, and hairstyle playset are special and amazing girls play toy. On this barbie doll, little girls will practice and try new and endless hairstyles and even add accessories to give the barbie an interesting appearance. Your Barbie will see her last look with this reflection in Barbie's hand. This barbie doll is already nicely dressed I the outfit with a polka dot tee tucked in the short pink skirt bringing a super nice look to the barbie. 


20 pcs multicolor headband set

Ziory’s multicolored, sweet little headband was created to style the little baby girls' hair. Using these adorable little pieces, you can try up to several hairstyles and help your girl prepare for special occasions. These sweet little headbands by Ziory’s have lovely design prints and you can even tie your girls' hair with the outfit matching it. 

This headband is composed of a stretchable elastic band of decent quality and is easy to place on the front and back of the head. Inside this sweet little tin box of Ziory’s headband set comes 20 pcs headbands and have tiny little flower, stars, and bows as the decoration piece of this headband.


36 fancy finger rings set

Tahera is offering an awesome gift package that your daughters would enjoy. This pretend play ring set consists of different patterns and colored rings made of high-quality plastic and is a great gift for you girls in an amazingly pretty pink colored heart-shaped case. From this pretend play ring set, the girls can pick various rings and can play and enjoy their pretend able tea parties, occasions, and their doll weddings. The rings have numerous exclusive and eye-catching designs in this pretend play ring set that look phenomenally lovely on every finger. The fascinating thing about this set of pretend play rings is that they are flexible and can be fitted without thin or dense in either finger.


Sheep Soft Toy Gift for Kids

For your little kids, SCOOBA offers an adorable little stuffed toy with an incredibly sweet little llama-shaped stuffed character with high-quality fiber content stuffed in this toy and is absolutely non-toxic in nature. This SCOOBA stuffed toy is made very carefully with the babies' skin in mind because it is highly sensitive so they are made of good non-allergic content that creates no allergic reaction or discomfort and your kids can play with this adorable little SCOOBA stuffed toy safely. In addition, it is an incredible gift that can be gifted to babies and purchased at home to be placed as a piece of home decor or display. 


Unicorn Girls school bag

Among children especially girls, Unicorn is a very common character. Therefore, this crafted unicorn school backup is incredibly adorable and appealing in print and is cherished by children for its vibrant and attractive color scheme. Ultimately, this unicorn school backpack is light in weight, making it easy to wear during the day and for shopping, traveling, and school. Ergonomically, this unicorn school backpack consists of an airflow padded back panel design that reduces moisture as it is water-resistant and stops constant and consistent airflow from heating. With a convenient loop for handling, the straps of the unicorn school backpack are incredibly convenient and easy to hang up on the shoulder.


Barbie Design Paint Your T-Shirt

This fun and exciting barbie design paint set is amazingly awesome to design and paint the t-shirt according to creativity and increases the efficiency and intellectual functioning of your baby girls. This collection includes 1 t-shirt, 6 shades of paint, 1 brush, and 2 stamps. The shirt cloth is 100% cotton and washable so that the babies can appreciate the maximum concentration of the art time and the shirt can be used again and again. 

This collection of barbie design paint sets strengthens the artistic skills of your children, painting potential and imagination pattern in mind, and can discover their secret talents. 

It's an awesome gift package that any baby girl would get, and she'll love it.

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